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222 Keyes Street Ste. 108

San Jose, CA 95112

(408) 971-7505


Business Hours

Mon:   8 AM - 5 PM

Tue:     8 AM - 5 PM

Wed:    8 AM - 5 PM

Thu:     8 AM - 5 PM 

Fri:       8 AM - 5 PM

Sat:      Closed

Sun:     Closed




Dec 21, 2018  |  San Jose, CA  |  Rena G.

The owner of the place, Aldo, is very trustworthy, respectful, and friendly person. I had a problem with rear differentials, and Aldo professionally assessed the situation and agreed to fix it by the end of the next day. The quote was fair - he gave a reasonable flat rate and didn't try to play the game of leaving it open-ended to have a room to charge more. It seems like he is very thorough and meticulous when fixing a car. Aldo also painted the differential cover box, which was a nice touch. If honesty and transparency are the main factors for you when choosing a mechanic, I'd highly recommend Aldo. His office is really bad ass - beautiful old school design with cool installations. The team of guys that work on cars is also respectful and polite. I saw quite a few old collectible cars that people trust Aldo with, which shows how knowledgeable he is.

Dec 10 2018  |  San Jose, CA  |  George C.

In 2007 I brought my wife's 1979 Datsun 280zx and spoke to the owner, Aldo Davalos regarding the repair work. He recommended a new clutch, rebuilt transmission, rebuilt differential, etc, costing about $1500. After the repairs and upgrades, that car ran flawlessly for years allowing my wife to drive back and forth to her job without any problems until she retired in 2014. After that, the car sat in the garage, where I periodically started it,  driving it around the block to keep the battery charged, and the fluids circulated. I recently drove it down to Gearmaster to check the fluid levels and drain and refill the rear end and transmission. Both fluid levels were up and the car is still running great passing smog with flying colors. Our experience with Gearmaster is a testament to over 40 years of experience, and 30 years of being in business when it comes to taking excellent care of their customers vehicles. Thank you Gearmaster.

Dec 7, 2018  |  Mountain View, CA  |  Lee R.

I don't know anyone who enjoys spending their money on auto repairs, I know I don't. Unfortunately, at times, we have no choice, so when I noticed a grinding sound coming from the rear end of my 2005 GMC Safari Mini Van, I thought, here goes my hard earned $$$$! Since my last visit to the GMC dealership in Sunnyvale was a total joke and what I felt was an attempt to rip me off, the search was on for a competent repair facility the could repair rearends and still leave me with some money left over for the upcoming Christmas Holiday.
I found that repair shop in Gearmaster in San Jose, CA. I called and spoke to Aldo, the owner and we made an appointment for the next day. When I arrived, he put my van on the lift immediately and John the technician disassembled my  van's differential as i watched! It was clear to see I had brought my van to the right place! John was smooth and methodical in his work and had the rear end completely apart within 15 minutes. He and Aldo pointed out the damaged bearings that was causing the grinding noise.
He wrote up an estimate that I was very happy with, ordered the parts as we spoke and announced I would be able to pick up my van early the next afternoon! I was all smiles! I was never so confident that the repairs were going to be done right the first time! A week later, I drove to Southern California, a round trip total of over 700 miles and my Safari ran smooth and quiet again, just like new! So, if you need rear end, transmission or transfer case repairs, Gearmaster is the place to go! You won't regret it! Thanks Aldo!

Dec 3, 2018  |  San Mateo, CA  |  Pablo V.

Great experience! Aldo is a great honest guy who takes his time to get fix correctly and won't rip you off. This is my second time coming here and he could've easily taking advantage of my situation the first time. Instead, he took the time to look at my situation and advise on what steps to take. Definitely will be coming back whenever I have issues with my vehicles.

Sep 21, 2018  |  San Jose, CA  |  Joe T.

I had taken my 1993 k3500 truck in because the transmission was shot. Aldo did a great job. Great communication and detailed explanations. Great job!!

Sep 5, 2018  |  Belmont, CA  |  Dmitry P.

Stopped by for a quick transmission checkup. Aldo did a clutch adjustment and a long test drive for no charge! Plus their prices are the best in bay area, will definitely bring my cars here from now on.

Aug 23, 2018  |  San Francisco, CA  |  Daniel M.

Gearmaster began work removing a transmission from my car (at a great price). The owner of Gearmaster, Aldo, found a service bulletin online, saying that the transmission may be covered under an unusual extended warranty at the dealership. Aldo called me (they did not have to), stopped all work, and did not charge me for this work (they could have). 
I respect this kind of honesty. They lost money because it was the right thing to do. I was given all the facts as they became known, and decided to take it to the dealership, where it is being repaired at no charge. I will be taking all transmission work to Gearmaster, and sending anyone else I know as well.

Aug 16, 2018  |  Fremont, CA  |  Jordan C.

I went to 3 different shops before finding these guys. They have rebuilt my low end due to another mechanics blunders, and did a fantastic job. Brought it in a few days ago not knowing what was wrong with it.  They replaced my clutch and some gaskets, even though it's not their specialty. They do good work, everything is clean when you get it back, test drives until you're satisfied,  and they have awesome customer service. Aldo and his crew do it right every time. Look no further.

Aug 15, 2018  |  Oceanside, CA  |  Casey W.

Students come here!! Gear Master is the best mechanic shop I have ever been to. Aldo took extra care of me and my car. He put in extra effort to make my car run like it has never before. Also he has a fair price and quality work. I would recommend coming here. Best mechanics in San Jose.

May 22, 2018  |  San Jose, CA  |  Nate P.

Aldo is an amazing guy that takes a lot of pride in what he fixes and rebuilds. I would recommend people to come here first before going to other shops because he only fixes the problem and he's a master in diagnosing mechanical issues. I had to take my truck here because my regular mechanic was booked out two weeks and he had misdiagnosed the issue as being a transfer case failure. Aldo found it to be a differential carrier failure and saved me hundreds of dollars. Him and his crew did the job in 2 days. Simply amazing!

May 13, 2018  |  Gilroy, CA  |  Jose M.

Aldo and his team did a great job on my BMW! I was able to get a quick appointment. They diagnosed the issue quickly and I got my car back in no time. My transmission was a mess when I brought it in. Car feels great now!

May 7, 2018  |  San Jose, CA  |  Daniel H.

The rear end on my wife's 64 Impala SS was making some funny noises. I took it to Gearmaster to have it checked out. Turns out the spider gears had broke. Aldo recommended we go with the heavy duty Posi rear end. The work was done in a couple of days at a reasonable price. We couldn't be happier with the results. The car drives better than ever, he even went over everything else while he was down there. Great service, great parts, great price and great people!

Apr 7, 2018  |  San Jose, CA  |  Misha S.

I want to start out by saying I have been jaded by what I thought was good work only to be disappointed. I never shared this with them. I was happily surprised how good their shop is! I finally found a shop that's really good at what they do. They took care of my vehicle like it belongs to them or their family. They explained everything that needed to be repaired and why. They gave me options and really made me feel comfortable. They really know there trade. Highly recommend!

Feb 14, 2018  |  San Jose, CA  |  Robert G.

Brought my Ford Raptor here after my dealer's shop messed up on a pinion seal job that was performed under warranty. This ultimately destroyed the pinion bearing, resulting in my diff needing all new internals. Aldo was very accommodating and did a thorough root cause analysis, which I was then able to take back to the originating dealer for a full reimbursement of the cost. Aldo and his team are true professionals and I wouldn't hesitate to bring any of my vehicles to them in the future.

Dec 15, 2017  |  Palo Alto, CA  |  CC K.

Can I just say honesty and good work go hand in hand with this place. Aldo is the man! Saved me time and money. If you have a problem with your transmission don't look any further than Gearmaster.

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