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222 Keyes Street Ste. 108

San Jose, CA 95112

(408) 971-7505


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If you are in need for automotive transmission service, you must know that a majority of transmission problems start out small and get worse over time if not repaired. Take care of your transmission sooner rather than later because it is one of the most important components in your vehicle and even the most expensive part to replace.


Our technicians at Gearmaster specialize in transmissions so we have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle both manual and automatic transmissions. We want to help save your transmission and if necessary, we can replace your transmission all in one shop. Contact us today at 408-971-7505 to schedule an appointment for transmission services. 

Transmission Rebuild

A transmission rebuild involves complete disassembly of your vehicle's transmission. Each component that is being rebuilt is inspected for any wear and damage. During the transmission rebuild process, all gaskets and seals are exchanged with brand new ones. 

Transmission Replacement

Transmission replacement is a more affordable and quicker alternative to a complete transmission rebuild. Options for transmission replacement include: re-manufactured transmissions, used transmissions, and reconditioned transmissions. To understand which option is the best fit for your vehicle, contact Gearmasters at 408-971-7505.

Transmission Repair

We can repair a variety of transmission problems, but the services we tend to perform most often involve: transmission fluid leaks, gear shifting problems, clutch jams, noisy transmissions, or a burning smell. If your vehicle is experiencing any of these problems, please bring it into our shop today. 

Other Transmission Services

  • Performance Transmission Service

  • Transfer Cases

  • Transmission Band Adjustments

  • Transmission Computer Diagnostic

  • Transmission Filter Replacement

  • 4-Wheel Drive Transmission Service

  • Automatic Transmission Service

  • External Transmission Diagnostic

  • Manual Clutch Repair

  • Manual Transmission Service

  • Transmission Fluid Exchange

  • Transmission Flush

  • Transmission Leak Repair

  • Transmission Reseal

  • Transmission Scheduled Maintenance




  • Have scheduled maintenance done on the transmission based upon your vehicle's owners manual

  • Check transmission fluid at every oil change

  • Regularly check your parking space for leaks

  • Only use the same type of transmission fluid as specified in the owner's manual or on the dipstick

  • Avoid driving in a vehicle that has little or no transmission fluid

  • Don't switch gears from drive to reverse when your vehicle is moving

  • Avoid driving when you suspect transmission problems as it may result in additional damage

  • Come to a complete stop before shifting gears

  • Don't drive with mismatched tire sizes or on spare tires for prolonged periods of time

Gearmaster in San Jose, CA hopes these transmission maintenance tips will you maintain your transmission. If you have any questions or need transmission services, please give us a call today. 

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